The all new Alderson Marine Sander is a 48 Volt electric machine with a spray guard that eliminates all the sanding waste from making contact with the operator.  The guard effectively condenses all residual spray and directs the waste water towards the ground directly below the spray guard.

The “Stick”design of the machine means that it is very maneuverable especially in tight spaces or around boat cradles.

The right disc to use is dependent on what you want to do.  Use a 60# or even an 80# if you are just wanting to touch up rather than remove the anti-foul.

For heavy removal of anti-foul use the Heavy  Duty (HD) stripping disc until the hull starts to show through then finish off with a 60# or 80# finishing disc.

The advantages are:

  • No dust affecting the operator or surrounding boats on the hard stand.
  • No waste water affecting the operator.
  • Only one or two discs required per boat – about $70.
  • Super fast – you can haul out, prep/sand, reapply anti-foul and have the boat back in the water the same day.
  • Very quiet at around 65dB
  • About 40 cents per day for electricity.