Motor doesn’t start

On/off switch not in the “On” position Turn switch to the “on” position.
Carburettor not properly primed. Prime the carburettor until fuel appears in the tube leading to the carburettor.
Motor flooded. Remove spark plug and allow cylinder to dry out.
Motor hard to start Petrol contaminated, stale or not of good quality.  Replace with fresh fuel.
Air filter clogged.  Remove filter and clean with petrol or turps.
Fuel mixture screw needs resetting.  Reset as per section 11
Motor stops suddenly “On/off switch accidentally moved to “off” position.  Turn to “on” and restart.

Sanding disc flew off

The Double Sided Combo discs and some older Single Sided Combo discs need to have the backing plate fitted. Fit backing plates to all Alderson “Combo” discs that have a central PVC core with 10mm hole.
Disc hit a nail or some other protrusion. Remove nails and don’t sand near other protrusions.  Use the “Grunty Rippa” around protrusions such as flashings, joiners and soakers.
Double Sided Combo can fly off if used with the orbital attachment. Only use the “Single Sided Combo”, “The Shredder”, “Grunty Rippa”  discs with nut and spring washer to tighten disc to the orbital attachment.

The Shredder 16 grit disc wears out prematurely

The disc shows signs off undue wear.  These discs should normally remove 10 to 20 square meters before they totally wear out. The most common cause for this is too much force pushing on the disc.  There is no need to push too hard with these or any of our discs.  It is just that with the 16 grit discs there is so much resistance with such a powerful motor that the abrasive surface will “ripple” and wear too quickly if too much force is used. Just let the disc do all the work. Disc must be used  “flat” on the surface being sanded.  Use Sea to Sky stripper, spray it on at a rate of 1 litre per 2 sq meters  Leave overnight then use the 16# disc the next morning. No need to scrape the boards before using the Shredder.

  The sander is too heavy

The machine is heavier than traditional dry sanding orbital sanders and you will find muscles that you are  not used to using.

The most common cause we have found when a user complains that the machine is too heavy, is that they are not using the machine correctly.  We have found some people holding the machine out in front of them like they would use an orbital sander.  This puts all the weight on the arms and it definitely will be very heavy by the end of the day.

IMPORTANT:  Adjust the shoulder strap properly so that the weight of the machine is taken mainly on the shoulders and upper body.  Hold the machine close to your body so that the sanding disc rests lightly on the boards to be sanded – sort of lock your arms and the machine to your body.  Now you are ready to start sanding. Move your hips and sway your body to move the sanding head along the board.  Don’t swing the arms backwards and forwards because that will result in the disc not staying flat on the board.